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FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. We view Intellectual Property as a game of chess. Clients have difficulty moving forward because they don't know where the opponent's pieces lie. Traditional Law firms often do not provide helpful consultation for fear of liable for the direction you chose to take.

The catch-22 is that clients cannot tell if a law firm is the right fit for them without first paying a retainer fee before receiving any useful information. We believe it is more productive to focus on executing the move properly and effectively, rather than wasting time and money just deciding where to move the pieces.

We would like to provide as much free assistance where legally permissible, whether you chose our services or not. Therefore any advice we provide will be opinions base on hypothetical scenarios. 

Most answers to your questions can be found on this website. Should you have additional questions, please use our inquire form below. We try to respond within 24hrs.

Trademark Consultation
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