Alumit I.P. works with a network of attorneys throughout the globe to secure trademark and patent protection worldwide.


In trademark matters, we assist domestic clients in securing trademark protection abroad after discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using international treaties, such as the Madrid Protocol, in lieu of direct filings through foreign counsel. We also consider trademark registrations through a single source in lieu of country-by-country registration.
For example:

• a European Union Trademark (EUTM) registration for all member countries of the European Union,

• a registration with Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands,

• a registration through the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) for all of the member countries in Africa, and

• a registration through the African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO) covering the member states in Southern Africa.

Likewise, we assist hundreds of foreign clients secure trademark registrations in the United States, either through a direct filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We advise foreign clients of the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.



In patent matters, we assist domestic clients in obtaining patents for their inventions in foreign countries through foreign counsel. We counsel clients on the advantage of filing a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application in lieu of filing national applications abroad. We then utilize foreign counsel to file national or national stage applications.

Likewise, we assist foreign inventors to file national or national stage applications in the United States.

Our assistance extends to both foreign utility patents and industrial designs, as well as U.S. utility patents and design patents.